Camping Merit Badge

Brief Introduction

The Camping merit badge is a program that challenges Scouts mentally and physically. Camping is a most recreational activity in the United States, and it helps the Boy Scouts of America deliver the promise of outdoor adventure to Boy Scouts. At all times that Scouts participate in a BSA (Boy Scouts of America) activity, they must have the proper supervision.

Detailed Introduction of Camping Merit Badge

Nearly a hundred years, Scouts have been camping in the open countryside. They, scouts, have to prove that how to do camping in the winds in their faces, and when storms broke overhead, they have to use their skills to stay dry and warm. Robert Baden-Powell founded the Scouting movement in the early 1900s, and he encouraged every Scout to learn the art of living out-of-doors. The major reason behind scouting movements was that he believes that if scouts survive these conditions in the open country, then they can face any challenge in life too. That is why he encouraged youths to participate in these scouting activities so that they can build the confidence to meet life’s other challenges.

However, due to technological advancement, things have been changed since but still the feeling of going camping is the same as it was in the early 1900s. Boy Scouts everywhere are always eager to go to the open country and live a couple of nights in the open sky, under the stars. They still look forward to camping as part of longer adventures, which includes journeys by watercraft, on foot, or saddled up to the ride. Camping with fellow scouts is the best source of information, which helps you to handle any situation in your life. It is the time of your life working, playing, learning together, and enjoying one of the highest Scouting traditions, camping.

Camping Merit Badge Requirements

For camping merit badge, you have to fulfill 10 major camping merit requirements. Please Click on above link for detailed Camping Merit Badge Requirements. Here, I will just give an overview of camping merit badge requirements.

1. How to use first aid kit, and how to avoid injuries and illness.

2. You should know about the Outdoor Codes “Leave No Trace” and explain what they mean. Also write plan for implementing these principles on your next outing.

3. written plan for an overnight trek and camping spot using a topographical map and compass OR a GPS receiver. If not available, then how will you spot your camping spot.

4. Do the following: Includes list assignment for fellow members and help a scout patrol.

5. Do the following: includes clothing checklist, footwear discussion, camping equipment and outdoor essentials.

6. Do the following:a. types of tents, where to pitch, its usage and care. Discuss importance of camp sanitation and water treatment. Additionally, you have knowledge about backpacks, sleeping bags and its care and make comfortable ground bed.

7. Prepare for an overnight camp out with your patrol by doing the following:checklist of personal and patrol gear and arrange your gears according to needed first basis. It also been assembled properly with comfort and balanced in size and weight.

8. Do the following: a. Explain the safety procedures for butane/propane stove, liquid fuel stove and extra storage of extra fuel. Also discus advantages and disadvantages of different types of lightweight cooking stoves. Prepare camp menu, make food lists for your patrol. Plan breakfasts, lunches and suppers. Also discuss food protection against contamination, bad weather and animals.

9. Show experience in camping by doing the following: at least 20 days and 20 nights camping at designated scouting event and sleep each night under the sky or in tent you pitched. If the camp has already been pitched, you don’t need to pitch your own tent. you must do TWO things with proper preparation and under qualified supervision.(1) Hike up a mountain, gaining at least 1,000 vertical feet. (2) Backpack, snowshoe, or cross-country ski for at least 4 miles. (3) Take a bike trip of at least 15 miles or at least four hours. (4) Take a non motorized trip on the water of at least four hours or 5 miles. (5) Plan and carry out an overnight snow camping experience. (6) Rappel down a rappel route of 30 feet or more. Lastly, you have to Perform a conservation project approved by the landowner or land managing agency.

10. Discuss how the things you did to earn this badge have taught you about personal health and safety, survival, public health, conservation, and good citizenship. In your discussion, tell how Scout spirit and the Scout Oath and Law apply to camping and outdoor ethics.

Camping Merit Badge Planning Worksheet

Camping merit badge worksheet is a worksheet, on which you write your tasks, which are necessary to earn camping merit badge. According to your camping merit badge you have to complete your tasks, also known as camping merit badge requirements and write them on your worksheet, so that they can be presented to your counselor or your team leader. To download your Scout Planning worksheet, click the link below.

BSA’s Guide To Safe Scouting

All Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Should follow BAS’s safe scouting guide. Guide includes, Wilderness camping, trail safety under qualified supervision, lightning warning, treatment of drinking water, and Hantavirus and rabies prevention. Please click below mentioned link for full BSA’s guideline for scouting. It is mandatory to follow these BSA’s guidelines to acquire camping merit badge. Safety comes first, in every possible situations.